Snow And Ice REMOVAL

Midwestern winters can create challenges for your property when snow and ice collect to form troublesome areas. Fortunately, you don't need to tackle this alone. Our snow and ice removal services are designed to keep your residential or commercial property safe and accessible during the winter months. Be proactive rather than reactive so that you aren't faced with costly liability.

Snow Removal

Person using a snow blower to clear out snow.

Residential Snow Removal

Make sure snow-covered driveways and walkways don't get in the way of you and your family. Our team can promptly clear your residence to restore safe and easy access.

Snow and ice removal from a parking lot.

Commercial Snow Removal

Keep your business operational during the winter season. We'll clear your parking lots and sidewalks to maintain a functional experience for your employees and visiting customers.

Ice Removal

Icy sidewalk melting after being salted.


If ice has already formed on your property, we can melt it away by applying environmentally-friendly deicing salt. Removing ice lessens the likelihood of slipping and falling accidents on your pathways.

Salt on a sidewalk with anti-icing.


Help prevent ice from forming in the first place. By administering anti-icing before winter weather turns bad, your property can have a protective barrier against impending ice formation.


Complete our online contact form to request a free quote. Don't let the hazards of winter weather catch you off guard. Leave winter's snow and ice to us.

Why Green Light Lawn Care?

Experienced Professionals

Whether you need sidewalks deiced or snow removed from an entire parking lot, we have the knowledge and winter weather experience to get the job done.

Reliable Services

We provide timely winter support to keep your property functional and safe before and after winter storms.

Affordable Pricing

Our winter management plans are customizable and can fit a wide range of properties and budgets.