A Transformed Property That People WIll Enjoy Coming To

Transform and take good care of your Greater Lafayette home or business with professional lawn care and landscaping solutions.

Make your neighbors jealous
Attract customers to your business
Be proud of your property
We believe your property's appearance should reflect your values. Lets work together to find a custom solution that makes your property shine.
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Lawn Care

Put hours back into your week by having your lawn taken care of by real pros. Take control of your weeds and pests, and have the best looking lawn in your neighborhood.

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Landscaping & Design

Take the guess work out of landscaping by having our designers get you the proper plant selection for your needs. Maintain healthy plants, control weeds, and boost the value of your home!

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Add beauty to your home while providing an area for relaxation and entertainment. Don't let space go to waste - add depth to your outdoor space while maximizing your acreage.

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Thicken up your lawn so that it chokes out the weeds and fills in the bare spots. Say goodbye to lawn erosion and instead have a thick and healthy lawn that you are proud to show off!

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Vegetation Control

It is vital to keep invasive and unsightly species under control. Maintain it now before it gets more expensive later. Get peace of mind by having a clean, safe, and vegetation free property.

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Drainage & Tile

Stop water from getting in your home by properly managing the flow of water on your property. Alleviate standing water issues, keep your basement dry, and prevent your home from deteriorating.

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We've assisted over 500 homeowners and business leaders in the Greater Lafayette area and offer over 15 years of experience in lawn care.
We're also members of Greater Lafayette Commerce and feature an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
Green Light Lawn Care, Inc. BBB Business Review
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Every time I leave and come back home, I drive around the block just so I can take a look at my property. And I didn't even have to mow it or do anything to it. No more spreading the fertilizer, no more irrigation, no more anything!

-Steve Overmeyer, homeowner

Here's What it's like to let somebody else take care of your lawn & landscaping...

Have the Best Lawn in Your Neighborhood

Give your property the "WOW" factor that makes your neighbors jealous. Plus, it doesn't hurt to add tremendous value to your home.

Attract New Clients To Your Business

You would hate for a customer to view your business as sloppy and unprofessional. With beautiful landscaping, you can confidently bring more clients into your doors.

Spend Time Doing What You Love

Put hours and days back into your schedule by removing the stress of managing your lawn care and landscaping needs.

Be Proud of Your Place

We understand what it's like to be embarrassed that your property is an eyesore. You deserve to have a transformed property that people will enjoy coming too.

Be a Good Steward of Your Property

We know that you want to take good care of your home or business that you have invested a lot in. Don't neglect one of your most important assets.

Here's How It Works...


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We want to hear about your lawn care and landscaping needs and give you an estimate of the costs.


Receive a Custom Plan

Your property is unique and needs a meticulous plan to transform it.


Enjoy a Transformed Property

Enjoy a manicured lawn and beautiful landscaping that people will enjoy coming to.

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Transform Your Property

At Green Light Lawn Care we know that you want to be a good steward of your property. In order to do that, you need a manicured lawn and beautiful landscaping. The problem is, you don’t have the time and resources to care for your property which makes you feel annoyed that it's an eyesore.

We believe the appearance of your property should reflect your values. We know what it's like to be unsatisfied with how your lawn and landscaping appear to others, which is why we have helped hundreds of businesses and homeowners in North Central Indiana transform their properties.

We invite you to get a free quote today. Stop being embarrassed about the appearance of your property and instead have a beautiful place that people will want to come to. Explore what our lawn care services and landscaping solutions can do for you!

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